my 43 yr. old daughter take Seroquel, Adderal, and drinks a lot of wine. She is very intelligent, well educated, but has a lot of social and mental problems. She 'sees' things others do not; and thinks she's 'next to God' and has all the answers about the universe and end of the world, etc. She can't hold down a job, or get along with anyone. She hates us (her dad and me) because she now says we've put her through 43 years of hell! She and her brother (who is a hard working, normal family man) had a normal life growing up with all the involvement in activities, sports, music and education, a child could want. She showed minor signs of problems earlier in life; but did well in school, etc., and counselors told us "she'd just outgrow the problems (mostly social)... she was a teenager". My husband and I as well as she and her brother are college educated. She taught for a short time, and was a school counselor or a short time; was married 4 times (briefly for 3 of them). Had 3 children by the 2nd husband (whom we helped get custody of the children 4 years ago because of our (and many other peoples) concerns.

She started drinking a lot when she started college right after high school; and it apparently has gotton worse over the years! She says she is 'beautiful' and "perfect" in every way (she was a pretty girl), and the world and (especially her family) is 'evil'... even satonic. We have moved her from place to place over the years (between situations) but at this time we aren't sure of the safety of those around her (or even herself).

We tried to do an 'intervention' when she was married to her first husband in June of 1993; and she 'fled' and didn't speak to us for 9 mos. (until she met and wanted to introduce us to her 2nd husband to be). She has no contact with her children, and didn't contact us until the last relationship fell apart and she was sleeping on the street. She knows we'll help her ("out of guilt; not love or concern for her"). We think she should be 'committed'; but she can speak very well and manages to 'fool' a lot of people even in the health industry at least long enough to be let go. She was in jail for 6 mos. for dwi's; and then landed on her grandmother's doorstep. It was very difficult for her grandma (my mom) and we moved her out into an apartment with someone (which lasted a few weeks); and then moved her again, and again, until she found a 'guy' on the internet (who she called the police on several times and says "he's crazy"... which he may be); but she's beyond... She says if we only knew who she was and her powers, we'd be shocked... But "we aren't ready for that yet, we are not as intelligent as she; and cannot 'see' the things/future as she does". She said she doesn't tell many people what she knows because they would think she's crazy.

She asked me to take her to the Dr. the other day because she didn't have the 'co-pay'; and I did but told her I wanted to go into the office with her. which she agreed to. She told the Dr. all about how this last guy she lived with abused her... on and on... almost had the Dr. in tears! She said she needed prescriptions for Adderal and Seroquel (which I didn't know she was taking; and I didn't find out how much wine she apparently is drinking until recently). (I took out a 'major- medical insurance for her last fall just in case of something 'drastic' happening where she might end up in the hospital).

She has been in the current place for two weeks, and it isn't working out. We're trying to find a new place for her to move to (hopefully NOT close to any family... but she wants to be). We don't know what to do! If we have her involuntarily committed and she manages to get out we are sure it won't be safe for any of us... even her 93 yr. old grandma, her children or my son and his family. We have her children at our home a LOT; and have not brought our daughter (or let her come around) our home in 4 years. Does anyone have any answers/suggestions??