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What are the new drugs and guidelines for treatment of Intracranial Hypertension?

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suzanne66 19 Nov 2009

This is from the below link

" # Management: Medical

1. Weight loss
2. Dietary changes
1. Low salt diet
2. Low tyramine diet
3. Avoid sulfa conjugated medications
4. Diuretic
1. Acetazolamide (Diamox)
1. Dose: 1 to 4 grams daily divided bid-tid ( 2 to 3 times daily)
2. Furosemide (Lasix)
5. Systemic Corticosteroids
1. Reserved for urgent management of Vision Loss
6. Headache Management
1. Acute Treatment: NSAIDs - Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
2. Prophylaxis: Tricyclic Antidepressants
7. Therapeutic large volume Lumbar Puncture
1. Removal of 20 ml of spinal fluid

# Management: Surgical

1. Optic Nerve Sheath Decompression
1. Indicated for associated Decreased Visual Acuity
2. Window or fenestration cut in Optic Nerve sheath
3. Results in increased blood flow to the Optic Nerve
2. Cerebrospinal fluid Shunt
1. Lumboperitoneal shunt (preferred over ventricular)
2. Short term: Very effective
3. Long term: Multiple revisions often required "

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