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What are the long term side effects from pegasys and copegasys and are they permenent?

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angelo2122 18 Apr 2011

Seems like alot of people get diabetes from treatment. Also nuropathy. There are many many more long term side effects. You may not get any at all. I believe in a few years there will be treatment without interferon at all. If you can wait do so. If not at least you have the 3 drugs now with the telaprevir or broceprevir added to the interferon and ribaviran which is increasing peoples chances of getting a SVR over 70%. I would put your question into any search engine and you should get much information. Remember, not everyone will get long term side effects.

sueimpe 19 Apr 2011

Hi Debralee

rvnew 14 Jan 2012

If only we could know which one of us will get serious side effects and which one of us will not. I just saw my HepC doctor a few days ago and she said in a couple of years there will be a new treatment without all of the horrible side effects. I am going to wait on the new treatment and in the mean time I am learning about and taking suppliments to help support my liver and to help my liver clear toxins. I've been learning from a guy on YouTube. If you are intersted go to Lloyd Wright Hep C on YouTube or Google him.

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