I am a college student. I started smoking about two and a half years ago. I have smoked to varying degrees through this duration. At times I have smoked multiple bowls per day for weeks at a time. At other times I had "quit" for a few weeks to a month at a time.

Assuming I had been consistently smoking for the entire two and a half years, I am wondering what sort of long term affects this will have on me? Is it possible I will be experiencing irreversible brain or lung damage?

I have committed to indefinitely quitting smoking of marijuana, and I just want to know what kind of damage is possible for the time period I smoked during. I have just begun to deal with all the things I have done poorly/missed out on during my duration smoking, and I simply want to know:

Once I get my life back on track (and have been clean for months/years), will I be dealing with long term effects or will I be able to reach a point as if I had never laid my hands on that first joint?

**If you have legitimate information about possible affects, or have expert advice, feel free to email me.