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What are the long term effects of an individual who is abusing oxycontin?

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Inactive 18 Nov 2011

The worst long term effect would b increasing tolerance to oxycontin, thereby necessitating increasing the dosage that might lead to overdose and death. Terrible constipation is another. Paranoia might b fun... just to name a few.
Whoever is abusing and the total dosage daily has a lot to do with side effects. That person, script or no script, needs help. You didn't say the amount taken of what strength, so actually there is not a whole lot to say... but in the US, the deaths from oxycontin related to abuse is on the rise.
Seek medical help as soon as possible.

Junkie1234567 28 Nov 2011

The main thing I have notice is trouble with my prostate(trouble urinating)
Withdrawals are the only other major thing I can think of that really affected me but those only last for a week or so. If you are thinking about doing oc's for whatever purpose think again my cousin just buried his best friend for overdosing free discount card

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