the person in question is Bipolar though im not sure which type and was misdiagnosed with depression. Because of this she was prescribed to celexa (a ssri) at 40mg once daily. As is supposed to be done she started at 20mg daily and moved to 40mg daily. After having complications with the depression worsening the doctor then prescribed a dosage of 40mg twice daily (above the fda approved dosage for any patient, especially one weighing barely over 100lbs.) The first week of this new dosage She attempted to commit suicide by taking around 1500mg (suicidality is also a known sideffect in many patients). She refused to go to a hospital. Now there is concern with the things happening to her. She complains of being dizzy and lightheaded, as well as a shakey feeling in several body parts. She also talks of headaches and her heart rate, but still refuses to be seen. Is there reason to be concerned or will this pass as her system re-adjusts and the withdrawel ends? It has been two weeks but still no signs of a change. I have tried looking up information for her but am unable to find anything relevant. Any Information is appreciated.