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What are the long term affects of PMR? Now I have good & bad days and no one really understands it?

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Rajive Goel 13 Jul 2010

Is PMR that you refer to is: Polymyalgia Rheumatica? If yes you could a whole lot of information on:, if it has been helpful, kindly do let me know, thanks.

Sacosam 15 Jul 2010

Also a huge, heartfelt thanks from Sacosam. This disease or malady, or whatever you call it I also have. I will be beginning my 2nd year come July 20th. It is a horror show, and there is almost no info. on it. I subscribed immediatly to "Arthritis Self Management" as [PMR is an "offshoot" disease of Arthritis"!]. They have gone on about 10 to 14 types of Arthritis, but not one word about PMR... so I wrote them one of my fun letters, "kindly asking them if they would please publish a few words about PMR, when they have the time"! Again , thank you for your help, and I will also be in touch. God Bless You!!

Rajive Goel 16 Jul 2010

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