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What are the diffrences between roxicodone and methadone?

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mpvt 11 Dec 2009

Roxicodone is quick release oxycodone and us around the middle of the opiate strength table. Methadone is in a class by itself as it is extremely powerful, There is no comparison between the two other then they are both classified as opiates... Dave

tyson3152000 15 Dec 2009

ur talkin pees n carrots man,2 totally diff oppiates.roxicodone being an oppiate and methadone being an opioid-antagonist.but pretty much roxicodone is oxycontin,and methadone is,like mpvt said,in a class by itsself.after methadone ur tolerance is up

mpvt 15 Dec 2009

Roxicodone is not oxycontin and methadone is not a opiod antagonist.
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