I just went on 200mg a day 2 weeks ago , I had a real bad abcessed eye tooth, out of the blue i had a seizure not one but two,i was admitted to the hospital, and test was ran but they still didn't tell me what caused them. They prescribed me me lamictal 50mg two times a day, The very next week my abcess got worse and i started amoxicillan the next day i had 3 mor seizures, im thinking it had something to do with my tooth, but my question is why did i have a seizure while taking the lamictal ? I also take neurontin for nerve pain and have took it for 6yrs. Is this medicine (LaMICTAL) rated high for preventing seizures? If not what is ? I live in fear now of having them and want to know what to do . HELP ME PLEASE! Also i have no insurance so it's hard for me to see a neuroligist, or a family doctor all the time.