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What are the best medications available and least expensive to treat ibs?

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NewYorkGuy44 5 Apr 2011

I think i can help you out, Off the top of my head I can think of Imodium. I have the opposite problem, and need to eat fiber bars constantly. I also suffer from Diverticulitis, where I can't really eat Seeds or Nuts.I Looked this up for you , it's a home remedy, so it's a hellava lot cheaper, & probably works just the same as the real expensive Medicines.Cut ginger into slices and then pour Lime Juice over it, and have slices after every meal, this will relieve IBS and help your digestive process, and help the Intestine to Digest the Food Fast. Use the Ginger Liberally while cooking this.
Their is also something called Asafetida. ! glass of luke warm water and a pinch of Asafetida, a pinch of rock slat and a a half teaspoon of dry Ginger Powder.Drinking this willl give instant relief from Gas.
.After every meal, take teaspoon of Honey and ad 2 little dropd of dill oil in it.This will help you Digest your food. I hope I helped you out, I wenr o a few sites for that information, so please give me a stars up, and click this person helped. Thanks, I hope your IBS will be doing better, and thats all wholemade cheap way to control your IBS. Good Luck, PennyWise.

sheila7281 12 Sep 2011

I am not sure I would use Imodium on a regular basis. It can cause other issues. Pepto Bismol actually has an antibiotic like effect and can be used up to 4 times a day with a flare or travel to another country with different food. But I would check with your doctor before going this route. When all else has failed Pepto Bismol has been helpful for me. Another medication called Bentyl can be helpful on an as needed basis for abdominal cramping or intense sharp pain. But again you would need to discuss with the doctor if this would possible work for you and how she would like you to take the medication. Be careful with your sugar products because sugar can also irritate your stomach. keep us posted on how your doing.
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