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What are the best came on pills of are good for anxiety n depression?

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nikicole1986 13 May 2010

celexa is depressent but used for anxiety and depression but if have to use benzo valium longer lasting 6hrs

Rajive Goel 13 May 2010

There are many pills available, most of the anxiety and depression pills are on PoM, it is recommended to talk to a medical practitioner before any pills are taken. Hope this will help?

hernandaz123 13 May 2010

I found out that Xanax works really good for me whenever i get anxiety. I take 1, 1mg tablet, 2x a day, if needed, and it helps! usialy they will start you out on a lower dosage when you first start out and work your way up. The only problam is its CAN be VERY addicting to most peaple, not evryone, but most of everyone will have so sort of withdralls. Depending on how long you use it for. i'v been taking it for about 6-7 months now and im hooked on it, soo i dont know. I also used Amitriptyline when i had depression i believe it was 3yrs ago i last used it. It was pretty affective, but it took awhile to start working. Like 3 weeks, my sister was on Prozac when she was going though depression acuple yrs ago. She said it worked really well for her. talk to your docter if you are having problams like this kind of stuff. hope this addvice works for you!

kytteneyes 13 May 2010

for anxiety i have found that the best pill for me is xanax. It is addicting though. I also have tried atavin it works but not as well as xanax did. Also klonopin did nothing for me.

If you don't want a drug that can become addicting you can also try BuSpar it also worked for me when I first started on anxiety pills.

As for depression I have taken abilify and loved it. Although if you have hx of diabetes like I do and developed high sugars level I would ask your doctor first.

Everyone is different though. Hope this has helped you.

till33 13 May 2010

im on elavil for depression and anxiety.and i find it very effective.not only is it good for depression and anxiety but it also helps you sleep.the only problem with it is dry mouth and weight gain ..but you can keep that under control with exercise and eating right..anyway im giving elavil a thumbs up. free discount card

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