I have been on Vyvanse for about 6 months now having been increased from 40mg after 3 months to 60mg. Increasing the Vyvanse has helped with my symptoms which use to be inattentivness, forgetfullness, organizing and prioritizing have improved, but now some unwanted things I notice for example, if I am typing or writing, I will change it maybe 4 times before I'm satisfied whereas before I would be fine with just change it once, also it seems like I struggle more with problem-solving and decision-making. I may second guess my decisions and I've also become better at planning but it seems following-through with things is where I'm struggling now too. Could this be a result of too high of medication dose or is it possible it just takes quite awhile to adjust from going years without treatment I think probably since I was a kid growing up which I am now 27.

I also take 60mg of coreg for my pre-existing hypertension/tachycardia and recently changed from lexapro to 60mg of cymbalta for my depression/anxiety symptoms.