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What are some of the side effects of plavix and is there a time limit on taking it?

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JohnySmith 6 Apr 2010

The most common Plavix side effects include:
* Major bleeding -- in up to 3.7 percent of people
* Flu-like symptoms -- up to 7.5 percent
* Headache -- up to 7.6 percent
* Dizziness -- up to 6.2 percent
* Pain -- up to 5.6 percent
* Diarrhea -- up to 4.5 percent
* Upset stomach or indigestion (dyspepsia) -- 5.2 percent
* Bruising -- 5.3 percent
* Bloody nose -- 2.9 percent
* Unexplained rash -- 4.2 percent
* Itchy skin -- 3.3 percent.

Because Plavix can increase the risk of major or life-threatening bleeding, contact your doctor immediately if you notice that it takes longer for bleeding to stop, you have any unusual bleeding, or you have any of the following symptoms:

* Bloody nose
* Black, tarry stools
* Blood in the urine or stools
* Vomiting blood
* Red or purple spots on the skin
* Itchy skin or rash.

thinker2 28 May 2018

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