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What are some names of drugs that help with opeant withdral?

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blaze22 10 Mar 2011

There are many ways listed to assist in opiate withdrawal symptoms, some detox centers have used anesthesia or rapid opiate detox, placing the patient under anesthesia and injecting large doses of opiate blocking drugs... Another is of course methadone, long term maintenance and regular visits to the methadone clinic, this helps with the intensity of witdrwal of opiates, Buprenorphine or (Suptex) has been shown to work better than other medications for treating withdrawal from opiates and can shorten the length of detox, I can also be used longterm as with methadone, as long as the patient is responding to medication regimen... hope this was a little helpful... Blaze22

LaurieShay 10 Mar 2011

Hey gaycapeman,

While blaze covered most of the bases, I might add Suboxone along with the Subutex. These drugs are similar just one has the added naxolone to prevent people from injecting it. Each of these medications are used to treat opiate withdrawl and need to be prescribed by a doctor for a period of several months. Another alternative to opiate detox is using the Thomas Recipe. Google "thomas recipe" and read about it. It involves the use of a benzodiazapine like Ativan or Xanax along with over-the-counter remedies for the withdrawl symptoms.

Withdrawl from opiates can be done without any prescription medications. If you can taper your daily dose slowly, it can be done almost symptom free.

Hope this helps,

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