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What are some kinds of blue pills that work for bad back pain?

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Notthatbad 21 Oct 2010

Im sorry, but your question made me curious... Why does pill have to be blue??

Medicine for back pain can range from steroids to NSAIDs to muscle relaxers to opioid pain meds. Depends in the problem.
But if it has to be blue, Aleve is a great start.
Sometimes rest and alternating ice and heat is the best med for back pain.

IhearttheOcean 23 Oct 2010

If you have blue prescription pills and are wondering what they are, they might be 30mg Roxicodone. Do they have a 30 on one side?

christineATU 23 Oct 2010

I think prescribed Lortabs come in blue.

alicia.d7 23 Oct 2010

Lortab 10 mg come in blue and they are oblong so that what it may be or like someone else said it could be a roxicodone 30mg if it has that on the other side. Can you give more description on the pill?

cisnurse07 25 Oct 2010

oxycodone 30 mg is a small blue round pill. I believe it has an M and a 30. Not really sure but it is a synthetic narcotic opiate for pain free discount card

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