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What are some common behaviors of someone abusing Percocet?

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mpvt 10 Jun 2010

Extreme mood swings ie: very happy and energetic, next day may be bedridden or lazy sitting around doing nothing.
Talks positive one day and negative the next. Makes promises to do things and doesn't follow through.
Percocet abuse is common and they are easily attainable. Problem is that you get tolerant to them rather quickly as they aren't very strong and they have a short half life. So in a relatively short time the addict goes from taking the percocet as prescribed to taking 10,m20,50,100 a day. They stop working and that's when the addict really begins to change. They get nasty and very negative. Rarely leaves the house and lays around doing nothing all day long. Sleep is erratic and short. Addict looks dirty and unkept and they really don't care how they look and they certainly don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. And it goes on and on, it's a very shitty lifestyle after the first year or so of heavy abuse... Dave

how long 10 Jun 2010

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