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What are signifiacant harmful effect of beta blockers?

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Inactive 29 Dec 2011

Hello dr manoj sharma. Long term use of any of them might be possible heart failure, blood pressure issues, irregular hearbeat. It will depend upon the drug, and for what reason, purpose its being used, and also upon the length of time its being used for that particular condition.would play a role, and a major one. Longer means more possibility of something going wrong, as well as right. Very best to you, not certain if I answered anywhere close to what you needed to know. Each drug does carry its share of plus and of course minus, especially with beta blockers,pledge

pup6767 31 Dec 2011

Dear Dr.manoj... beta receptors are located in the heart and lungs. The most significant harmful effect in the heart would be if you have a weak heart which could cause failure if your heart is very weak. In the lungs you would want to make sure that you did not have a drug that had a beta 2 blocing effect which would pose a problem if you had COPD or asthma. THe heart is beta 1 affected and the lungs are beta 2 affected... so if you had lung problems you would not want one that has a beta 2 blocking effect.
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