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What are side effects of taking trazodone and what is the name brand?

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barbles2413 7 Dec 2009

The side effests I am not sure of but the name is Deseryl Hope that helps some

Princess22008 8 Dec 2009

The only side effect that i have is extreme drowiness in the mornings. But at the same time, i've been getting alot better sleep than without it.

Minnieme 8 Dec 2009

Mine during start up were dry mouth so I used a OTC mouth rinse called Boitene which helped immensely for the first week. The other side effect was visual "halos" upon waking. Both have gone away. The brand name varies from country to country.

bobolicios 2 Sep 2011

The side effect of trazodone is a little dizziness after taking it. Try to take it immediately before bedtime and absolutely don't take with alcohol. The
after effects are you are somewhat groggy but this doesn't last. Your body
will adjust. Don't start out with more than 100mg per day. It is a mood stabilizer
and sleep aid. Taken alone without antidepressants will not elevate depression.
It does help you to sleep better and this will aid in anxiety. I have been on it
off and on for over 3 years. I hope this helped.

mpatrick79 24 Jan 2012

The biggest side effects I have noticed are dry mouth and sleepiness the next day. I hope that latter part will go away soon. free discount card

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