My sister is 74 and has been in Flexaril for about two to three years, maybe onger. She has had an extreme weight loss ove the last year, about forty pounds and she is abut 5'9". Having confusion so much that she can hardly keep up with check book. I know of one experience with delusion or halucinations where she experience something that I knew was not possible. She asked me not to tell anyone... it is hard to help her probably because she is a retired RN and she knows everything... she is having a lot of confusion and I continually have to help her and I am glad for what I can do. She also get dizzy a lot. Her son and I are all she has and she is very stubborn about telling her doctors about her confusion..the visits are so quick, in and out in about ten minutes so I know they are just not observing her behavior of which she can hide pretty well... We are wondering if the flexaril could be causing the conjustion and forgetfullness. I know that if that is the case, it would be much easier to deal with her if she is aware that a drug could be causing her problem..she is also and has been taking the IV drug at the physician's office for RA. This has been ongoing for about three or four years..can anyone shed any light for us... Thanking you in advance... Ann