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What are drug classifications in pregnancy?

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if i understand right the drug classifications are like what catagory their risk falls into. for example terbutaline is a catagory B. theres 3 catagorys a,b, and c. ive been researching terbutaline because my obgyn gave it to me with my second pregnancy in 2005 and it wasnt fda approved for pregnancy for more then 72 hours and my doc had me on it for 9 weeks around the clock and then doubled it, he told me there were no risks. i recently got internet and looked it up and there is a decent size list of risks to the baby like brain dammage,autism,speech disorders,developmental delay, and movement dissorders. my son has the speech and development problems and hes gonna be 5 in july and has the development of a 2 yr old and he sometimes thinks hes 2. so the risks of the meds put them in diff catagories and basically tell the doctors what risks they can ppose to you free discount card

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