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What are all meds used to treat nerve pain?

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subuser31 11 Nov 2009

I have nerve pain for about eleven years now and I have tried Neurontin, Lyrica, Dylantin, and also Demorhal shots for severe sciatica. When I got so bad I started taking injections of steroids mixed w pain meds. I use to take a steroid for the inflammation called mobic, but it is only a five day pack and usually some injections are to follow. Best of luck to you, the shots are really the answer if youve had sciatica pain for more than a year...

StephanieAlice 12 Nov 2009

Also Lidoderm patches. I use them for the pinched nerves in my back and it makes SUCH a difference in the intensity of the pain, and it is non-narcotic so doctors really don't mind prescribing it.

Inactive 12 Nov 2009

This is a question to 'Subuser31.' What type of shots are you talking about? I have had numerous epidurals for sciatica, but the last nine I have had were not successful. I am looking at surgery number five on my back and wish I could find something that would work to be able to put the surgery off for a while. Thanks for any comment you may have. Janet1940 free discount card

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