I have never been sick with this diease, was told that I have waited too long and need treatment with the cancer drugs before I can use a daily maintenance drug. What should I expect? Will I be sick every day while on the treatments? Will I loose my hair and energy? Furthermore, I've been married to the same man for 26 years. He does not have this diease (yet), could he have it and it hasn't shown up in his lab work up? Also, could it have passed it to my daughter, (by me or her father)? Her father was the one who had it years before we met and from what I know, he was sick with it long before we ever got together. As a matter of fact, he was a IV user. Not me, and was not told by him that he had it. I just learned all this stuff about him through one of his living relatives. By the way he is dead and has been for 27 years. I am in shock. Can anyone help me to understand about this diease?