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What about high blood pressure and taking pain med's?

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lgotv 31 Aug 2011

i take pain med an high blood pressure med... i dont think it interferes with anything... i figure if your in pain that would cause your bp to go up

DzooBaby 31 Aug 2011

The main ones to watch when you have high blood pressure is the NSAID drugs. NSAIDS tend to increase the blood pressure in some people. Opioid pain meds generally do not have this effect on blood pressure.

femmy 4 Sep 2011

NSAIDs can cause an increase in blood pressure. However, opiates can actually reduce blood pressure. I also take two different types of blood pressure medicine along with opiates for pain and I have found an additional reduction in blood pressure after starting extended release morphine. Morphine acts as a blood vessel dialator; hence, lower blood pressure.

I do take 1 Aleve per day and I have not noticed an increase in blood pressure and Aleve is an NSAID. I think that my blood pressure has stayed steady while taking Aleve because I am taking a low dose versus higher doses. I am almost certain that my blood pressure would go up if I were taking a higher dose of NSAIDs.

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