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What about Azilect for peripheral neuropathy?

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Patty3m 16 Jan 2010

Hi. Couple of questions: Where did the idea/suggestion come from regarding Azilect for Peripheral Neuropathy? Are you seeing a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist? What are you taking now for your Neuropathy? Did you investigate this drug on your own?

One more thought, as each person's med. case is unique to him/her, there isn't a universal 1-fits-all answer to anything (my opinion only). Best recommendation that I frequently share: for one to always check w/their healthcare professional, and to have one’s doctor-team oversee all medications (ideally, 2-physicians). Now moving on :) …here's what I'd like to share based on my experiences...

I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy quite some time ago. I am legally disabled due to multiple conditions. The Neuropathy is one of my major conditions. For me, Neuropathy continues to be 1-of the most challenging to deal with due to the impact it has on my overall life.

There is good news. There are various treatments and medications (especially when diagnosed early), that can help Neuropathy. The latest one for me has been a treatment called IV/IG Immunoglobulin Infusions (i.e. plasma), which are usually done wkly. For me, these treatments will be required for life. And the treatments are helping.

Many prescriptions for my Neuropathy are based on trial/error, as it can be tricky to treat w/just 1-medication and the complexity of my multi-conditions.

Quickly looking up Azilect, it seems its primary use is for Parkinson’s, though it does mention use for other conditions. Azilect has several drug interactions with other meds and a long list of side effects.

I hope this feedback helps in some way and look forward to your reply. Thanks for putting your question out there.

MrMGA 6 Jun 2010

I've been taking Azilect for about one month for Parkinson's disease. I also suffer from peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I believe Azilect has made my neuropathy worse. That prompted me to review the Prescribing Information posted on the manufacturer's web site ( There is no mention of Azilect being prescribed for neuropathy relief. In fact, neuropathy is listed as a frequent adverse reaction to Azilect!

While Azilect seems to have relieved my Parkinson's symptoms somewhat, I have also suffered other side effects, mainly psychological in nature. Those and several other serious side effects that weren't noted in the original prescribing information are now described in detail in the current prescribing information posted on their web site. I believe Azilect should be used with caution. I made a special appointment with my neurologist to discuss this further. That will be in two weeks. In the meantime, she told me to cut the dose in half but not to completely discontinue it. That may be because serious withdrawal symptoms are now described in the Prescribing Information. free discount card

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