I'm very concerned, worried, about my son, reason being is he was told three years ago, that he has erosion of the esauphagus, with gastoridous and IBS as well as duodenum ulcers, at which some doctors call it GERD he gets bad case of heart burn with abdominal pain, My sons father passed away eight years, due to stomach cancer, so thats where my concern comes in, my son has lost over a hundred lbs and only eats but onece a day, I took care of his father for two years, Im familiar with the symtoms of cancer and Im afraid for my son, also my son has had to smoke marijuana just so he can eat, and that doesnt always help, but now because of it he has been refused treatment, so my question to u, is that because cancer runs in the family, shouldnt he been tested for cancer? he has been scoped and tests had been done, biopsys tooken but the doctor never went over results with us, and we were told my son needed fundoplication surgery by one doctor, I requested another oppionion and was denied by health insurance so I requested another but was still denied, I had to write grievance letter against health insurance and do not agree with resolution at which was denied, so I wrote letter to medical board to request my son get IMR Independant medicl review, and was denied as they said it was not mandintory, its changed my sons life as he knew it, as a result he is not able to gradguate
12th grade, and he is sick every morning he has episodes of non stop vomiting cant hold down water, cold sweats, chills bad anxiety etc... please give me advice.