How do I know whether if me taking Ativan once can cause a seizure? I took Ativan 1mg at the hospital on Tuesday around 12.30pm cause I went in for a panic attack. Around 8pm I started feeling it wear off. I felt sleepy and almost like a hangover feeling. I also got a headache but went away within an hour of laying down. A couple years ago I went to the emergency room for a panic attack as well and they gave me a pill similar to Ativan. I don’t know if it was Ativan or not. It was so long ago. But with that pill I got home and knocked out. I don’t remember feeling any side effects cause it was so long ago but I remember feeling more relaxed than this last time. So Wednesday I didn’t feel funny or out of the ordinary. I felt pretty normal. I just experienced diarrhea once and that was it. I didn’t experience major side effects but I keep Googling it and it says people can have seizures. Can I experience seizures even tho I only took it once? I’m so terrified of getting one. I can’t even sleep because I keep thinking I’m going to get one. I heard only long term users are more at risk but still I don’t have peace of mind especially with how my anxiety has been lately. Please someone help me! I keep thinking I have the symptoms of a seizure because I keep on googling it. I literally can’t fall asleep cause I’m so terrified. If anyone has an answer please let me know. Thank you.