So just a question I like to ask to see if any one has had something simiar occur while on nuvaring. So I started the nuva ring on 7/2015, so Only had it for two months so far, which I have not,yet, had anything problems. However, the only concern I have is that this past week I only had a 1 1/2 day peroid that came 6 days after taking off the ring for my free week.

The last time I had my menstrual it came four days after removing and lasted five days. The only difference this month was the I removed it on a Sunday rather then removing it Saturday since that would be the end of my free week. Just a little curious as to why it came 6 days lates and barely had it for two days and the flow was not even heavy. I did put the ring back in on Saturday, which is when my period started, which was maybe ever afternoon it started and I was pretty much done with it the same time the next day.
Any opinions as to why?