I am not sure... Last month I never had problem towards the end of my pills. Since on the second month, I had unprotected sex on friday towards the end (I was hour late taking it of my pack. However, he didn't cum inside me either) Last night when I took the white pill, at 5am this morning I vomit (3 times) and had the runs at the same time. Most horrible thing that ever happen to me but... I am really concern if this means I am pregnant. I did read the side effects on about this birth control but... I don't know. I mean after sex I been spotting lightly from it. I think two weeks before I had my period since it heavy and I had lot discharge. Since at first I thought it was just spotting but now I think about it looked more like period just dried up. Now I am not sure if this has to do with my pill or it could be mean I am preg or something else. Anyone got any ideas if it's just pill?