Im Nathan 29yrs old and Ive been on 16mg of Suboxone daily for over 5 yrs now i was switched to 16mg of Subutex daily. I know i shoulda been off this along time ago but w/e. Anyway, Today was my first full day of just "Tex" but i feel like im withdrawing and i have a pounding headache. I figured it was the naloxone wearing off but im not sure. Suboxone has ruined me, i haven't had sex with my wife in nearly a year, i lost my job and its all because of when im on subs i feel like my mind and body only want to exist and nothing more. Can anybody tell me something positive about 8mg subutex? Even on 40mg of Celexia <--spelling? a day i still sometimes wanna put a bullet in my head "if i even have the energy to do that". And just a little back story... I was on 5/500mg Vicodin 4-5 times daily for 5months due to a shoulder problem and NO i wasnt abusing them.. but when it was hard for me to stop the pain med that's when my Dr put me on 4, 8mg suboxone a day "32mg".. I now know that 32mg's is enough for a G damn horse and honestly im pissed off about that.