... 200mg in am, & 150 in pm-daily,to WB XL 300 in am only. At first two weeks I felt more energetic and motivated, but now, I've been feeling blah and find it harder to get awake/outta bed again. I also take Lamictal 200 mg, and Zoloft 25 mg, and have a Mirena [progestin only IUD] This was why I had to change my WB, because once I went off the b/c Pill & got the IUD,a month and a half ago, I felt very exhausted all the time.[ I have to have some kind of hormonal Birth Control because it helps control Endometriosis. The Estrogen in The Pill lowered my Lamictal dosage by more than half..So I had to quit it.]
This whole transitional thing with all the drugs is hard to be patient.. All head meds were working great before so I want to stay with them..How high of dose can you go with WB XL? Any advice appreciated.. J