... 300mg for 6 weeks. Over the last 4 months I noticed a little problem with, well, the "little general" has problems saluting. Been the worst over the last 4 weeks or so. Went to the pdoc today and he feels the cause is more likely to be the Zoloft than the Wellbutrin. This is a side effect I simply cannot live with, so he has prescribed a tapering off of the Zoloft, and Wellbutrin increased to 450mg to offset the Zoloft reduction. Given that I am in a better mood these days, doc feels that I am responding well to Wellbutrin so wants to see if I can function just on Wb and drop the Zoloft, and at the same time get the little general working again.

I appreciate your opinions on:
1 - Wellbutrin 450mg - anybody had problems on this dosage, and
2- Has anybody done a similar process as above.

I really do appreciate this group's responses and thanks in advance for your support