Can someone tell me if it is normal for Wellbutrin XL 300mg once per day takes a long time to work? My PC added Wellbutrin 150mg to my 20mg prozac daily. On the 5th or 6th day I was a mess. He doubled me another 150mg.. felt much better for a few days. Then I had a few days that were getting worse and worse. I called him again and he doubled my prozac (40mg) which I have been on before. I have been on prozac for 20 years. I felt better the next day, but now this is week 7 and I feel weird. I am not sad, but I am not happy... just flat. Granted the last 2 years have been horrilbe with father dying and 2 cats dying and a whole bunch of other problems... BUT is this Wellbutrin going to work SOON? One good thing, I have lost 8 pounds. I finally got an appointment with a psychiatrist on 9 Jan 2017.. But I need one now, It took me 4 months to find a psychiatrist. Any input would be helpful.