Hi there! I was recently prescribed Wellbutrin XL 150mg once a day to treat depression and ADD. I would take it around 9am, and around 4pm/5pm would just crash- feel very edgy, nauseous/headachy and exhausted. I did feel like my symptoms were somewhat improved in the earlier part of the day, though, but that crash was not worth it. Towards the end of 2 weeks I also had 3-4 days of absolute despair like waaaay worse than normal, but couldn't know if it was the medicine or my menstual cycle.

After 2 weeks on the medication I met with my doctor and told her about the afternoon crash I was experiencing. She told me to take 2 Wellbutrin XL 150 a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. She wrote a prescription for it. I've been taking the 2 pills a day, and it has totally fixed the crash, but I'm no longer feeling any effects of the drug- in fact I've been more down/weepy/unmotivated than usual. It feels like my body is just used to the drug already, but it's been less than a month.
From what I'm learning online, it seems like Wellbutrin XL is usually taken only once a day, while the SR is taken twice a day. Could this be the reason I'm not feeling any benefit?
Thanks in advance for any help or insights!