Hello all.
I'm wiriting as I am at the end of my rope... I have been dealing with this severe depression for over a year and none of my meds really worked. Not Cymbalta, not Latuda, not Seroquel (Seroquel also made me gain 40 lb), and the list goes on.

The depression is so severe now that I never feel joy or happiness anymore... no matter how hard I try. I can barely get out of bed anymore and just taking a shower feels like a major take-on. I could not keep my job and if I make it through another day, it feels like a miracle. Everything feels blah around me and I keep on having crying spells every single day.
I've been in Therapy for a long time and tried all kinds of meds. Sometimes I take an Ativan (Lorazepan) for Anxiety.

Today, my doctor has prescribed Wellbutrin for me and believes that this medication can help me. She had been hesitant to prescribe it because I also suffer from insomnia here and there.

I am so at the end, I just need someone to tell me that Wellbutrin has really saved them. I would appreciate if you could share your experience with me as I am really struggling tonight.
Thank you.