Ha all,

I have been taking Wellbutrin (300mg) and Stablon (15mg) for about 12 months now, for depression & anxiety. I had tried a number of SSRI's yet the side effects were too much to bear. The best out of the SSRI's I tried, was Zoloft.

I have been living in Asia where both these great non-SSRI meds have been available. For some sad and depression-promoting reasons, I have had to move back to Australia. Unfortunately the Stablon is not available in Australia, and Wellbutrin is only allowed to be prescribed as a treatment for smoking cessation. I am running out of meds and can't get back to Asia to stock up so I am going to need to migrate to other meds. Whilst I have been stable, I am currently in the midst of my worst life crisis ever (my finances were stolen, career affected as a result, no home of my own, relationships affected, all at once) and am therefore prone to sink back into the darkness. I therefore need to make a careful transition to new meds. Given the Australian doctors don't know Stablon, nor are they very experienced in using Wellbutrin for depression, I seek advice from any of you out there who may be able to suggest alternatives. I know this is the domain of a good psychiatrist, however given the lack of use of these meds in Australia, I am a bit worried about the advice I will receive. I am going to at least see a GP today who knows a little bit about my situation already. Any feedback received here will be at least something I can use to cross-check whatever the medical community recommends to me here.

I must say that the Wellbutrin and Stablon have been doing a great job, keeping me away from the darkness, given that I have had less stressful phases of life than I have now, and in those cases was really dark. I am enjoying at east some stability during an awful situation; a bit panicky about a forced meds change.

Many thanks in advance for any responses; again I acknowledge that such recommendations are the domain of Psych's ... kinda need the brainstorm here though.