I know similar questions have been asked before but I thought I'd try one as I'm new here. I am currently on 300mg of Wellbutrin around 22 days in. I've been going through some ups and downs but I'm giving it at least a month and I do feel better. But I really suffer from social anxiety. I've tried a bunch of SSRI's but all have made me tired. I am very active, I work out a lot and taking SSRI's messed up my workout routine. So now enter Wellbutrin. Not tired, losing some weight, focused but the same social anxiety is present. I have been researching and Viibryd appears to be one that doesn't cause tiredness, although I read mixed reviews on this. Would the Wellbutrin nullify the tires/lazy feeling of an SSRI? I always give up but can't this time so I need the right combo. I really don't want to mix but I read a lot on here and I'll try it. Any thoughts on the right SSRI combo with Wellbutrin. Thanks