After the birth of my son I had ppd I took xanax and lexpro... I don't know if it helped or if my ppd just went away on its own.. I did gain weight. Well now I'm feeling depression again, and the doc gave me Zoloft and xanax.. Only in the office when he was talking about the Zoloft he was calling it by its generic name so idk what it was until I got it filled. Had I know I would of asked for wellbutrin bc I have heard you lose weight on it and I'm trying really hard to shed some pounds I ride my bike 4 miles almost Evey morning. So then I got online and have been reading reviews for wellbutrin and it honestly sounds wonderful! I put a call into my doc to see if he could switch me (haven't heard back yet) this med sounds wonderful. Focus, energy, higher libido, weight loss! In all in! But my question is I see there's wb sr, wb xr , and I'm not sure if there's more. But alot of the reviews I read that I liked most said sr. Some just said wb. So is the sr better known for these kinds of side effects? I guess I really don't know the difference between the two. And yes I know not everyone experiences all/any of these but I'm willing to try. Thanks in advance, Audrey nicholas