... sometimes the pain makes me feel depressed and my family wants me to stop taking it. I have only been taking the increase for about a month. what should i do?. plus i take zyprexa 10 mg at night. My Psychiatrist doesnt take phone calls, and i went to the ER twice for headaches and my primary they think its sinuses. I love my twins their successful and smart i want to take their advice and stop taking the medication Wellbutrin but i dont want to get really badly depressed after all i just lost a grandmother that help me raise my twins for 18 years and their now 28 and doing very well.i put them in good schools and took them to church im proud of them and value their opinion, accept not when it comes to my love life. and does a generic or bupropion sr pill look like an aspirin with the letters WPI and underneath the letters the numbers839?