... I'm still taking 150mg wellbutrin (generic) once a day, 60mg oxycotin in am, 60 mg oxy in pm and one 30mg oxy that I can take either am, pm or whenever I think I may need it, which I have been taking the extra about noon. I don't think the oxy matters but I figured I should give all info. I am still having pain here and there but my biggest ? is... I am crying all the time, and then will go into a really bad mood where everyone makes me mad. I get very mean and say hurtful things. I try to control this but I can't and then I feel even worse afterwards and then cry even more. I'm just feeling so alone and miserable and tired of feeling like crap. I still have no energy, I don't think the wellbutrin is working. I am tired of thinking that all my problems are "in my head" because I know they are real and if I just felt better and didn't have so much pain and could work that things would be ok. I'm not trying to have a pity party for myself but I am so tired of all this b.s., why can't I find the right meds to work? Is there something that would help with me flying into a rage. I hate to dig myself into a hole with meds and constintatly (sp?) worry about coming off meds with withdrawal. (See I'm always a worry wart!). I just want my life back. My fiance wants me to go talk to a shrink (that was easiest to spell... lol... I can still joke a little) and I think I should at times too, but when he says it I get mad and angry like he thinks all my problems are "in my head"... maybe I am crazy!!! I could go on & on but this is probably already too long. I just wish I felt like someone understood what it is like to be me for a day. I'm tired of feeling sick. I'm not even sure where to post this ?, on the end of your rope group? Guess it is just ANOTHER bad day