I had a gastric bypass in 2004 so there are always concers over absorption issues.An XL or any long acting drug isn't in my system all day to get the benefit... hence the SR. He compared the SR tab. with XL for dosage somehow in checking how much SR to give me.There was marked improvement in my mood each time I visited. So the does was increased to an additional 100mg tablet each time until the last where he kept me at 3 100mg tabs 3X a day. After reading many articles online and observing in some forums... I keep seeing that 450 is the max per day. I'm concerned about the amount I'm taking. Originally I had dry mouth and an icky tummy. Both have mostly gone away now. However after taking the meds my hands have such jerky tremors, that I can barely type and I cannot write because my hand will jerk as I try! Another thing that happens is that when I'm talking, it is like my tongue's movement clicks off for a second so that I sound almost like I'm stuttering.

In addition to this... after two months of Wellbutrin, I started taking Adderal for adult add. That began at 5 mg and has worked its way up to 60 mg 3X per day. (20 mg. tablets)

Firstly, I'm wondering about the Wellbutrin amount I'm taking. In fact since reading so much information that says the same thing, in the last two weeks I have taken only 2 tabs. in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Because when I'm sleeping the tremors would not bother me so I'm still taking 3 100mg tabs when I turn in late night. I will talk to him about this at our next appointment.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts and any experiences they have had or any they are aware of from others. Nowhere yet have I seen anyone taking 900 mg. of Wellbutrin a day. The dr. had mentioned that I could go up to 400, 3X a day, but he was satisfied with where I am emotionally... on stable ground.

Anything you can share or info. that involves someone's success or failure taking more than the 450mg. or considerably higher does like mine. Thanks!