ive been on several different anti-depressants for the past ten years. ive been on 4 or 5 different ssri's, and all they have done is make me numb to everything and i was still always tired. of those i liked celexa the most but i think that is just because is was milder. i have now been taking wellbutrin for the past 4 months. im still depressed, but way better than i was with no medication or with the ssri,s. im still tired all the time though, which i do take xanax for my anxiety, but i usually only take 1mg a day. and ive only been on it for as long as ive been on wellbutrin. even with no medication i want to sleep all day. could i have some kind of vitamin defficentcy, or is this probably just the way my brain is wired. ive actually lost jobs for being late because i couldnt make myself get out of bed. any feedback would be appreciated