I'm on Prozac 20mg 2xday and Klonopin .5mg 2xday been on for over a year. Recently Wellbutrin SR 100mg 1xday was added (a little over a week), I've noticed I literally crash after about an hour, nothing can keep me awake not even a strong cup of coffee. I literally have to lay down for at least a couple hours. Today I called my doc he suggested instead of splitting the Prozac I take together at night. So that's what I did and initially I didn't feel as tired,just a little, so I drank a cup of coffee it worked then about 3 hours after taking my energy crashed again to where I had to lay down. Is this just an adjustment phase? Everything I've read said I should have energy on this med yet the opposite seems to be happening with me :-/ I will say though I have ADD so adderol that I've taken before does not hype me up as it would most people, so is possibly a similar effect?