I just started taking Wellbutrin 3 weeks ago(generic version 75 mg 2x per day) and initially I felt the results immediately upon taking the first pill. But then again, it could have been the placebo effect during the first few days.

Before the meds, I was not motivated to do anything and didn't even want to leave the house. Suddenly, I had the energy to work-out again, do things, run errands, see people, and when I'm home, I'm always cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, and doing something besides being a lazy couch potato like before meds.

I'm more social and cheerful now and what's especially odd is I seem much more focused and think more clearly now. So no negative effects on short-term memory. And the BEST part, it suppresses my appetite so I sometimes forget to eat or when I do eat, I'm full after only a few bites. So I've actually lost 5 lbs so far. Not bad huh? But that could also be from having more energy to exercise.

And the men will love this for their wives... I seem to have an increase in my sex-drive and feel more affectionate towards my hubby. HOWEVER... during Week #3 I started having terrible side-effects that I'm having a very hard time dealing with. Here is a list of them:

I have excruciating headaches and migraines that sometimes last for 48 hours, (Aleve, Tylenol & other pain killers don't help),I sweat alot more and get hot easily, occasional constipation that I have to drink Dieter's Tea for to help me go,(I know, T.M.I.) chronic insomnia and I just read yesterday that one of the side-effects in some people is HAIR THINNING!! Not good since I'm so vain about my long, healthy head of hair. So I bought Nioxin and take Biotin along with my multi-vitamins which has helped me in the past with hair thinning.

So I was just wondering since this is the very first med I've ever been on, did anyone else experience these side-effects at first?? Should I wait it out and see if they go away? Call me a whimp but I don't think I have the patience.

B.t.w., I was given Xanax for my insomnia, which works great to knock me out and I sleep very well with it, but I wake up feeling so groggy and hung-over and it takes a while for me to get going in the a.m. And I don't want to become dependent on them.Ugh!! If ain't one thing it's another!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I'm loving the "positive" effects of the drug on my mood, weight loss and energy level, but don't know if I can deal with the side-effects. This seemed like the perfect drug sent from heaven above until I started experiencing the nasty side effects.

And lastly, I would strongly advise people who are on this med to avoid drinking energy drinks after taking the pills as I did this one day and couldn't even write my own afterwards! But I'm fine with one cup of coffee.Thanks in advance for any responses.