I was first on prozac 40mg, 600mg lithium, 25 mg nortrypiline and diazepam when and as required. Wasn't feeling too well. Went back to doc, ask for welbutrin and he said in the uk it can't be easily prescribed etc, and gave me fluanxol 1mg a day. Had horrible vivid dreams, couldn't cope with it. Bought wellbutrin on the Internet and take 150 mg a day and stopped fluanxol. Horrible dreams stopped, but I don't seem to get the energy that everyone says wellbutrin gives. My doc retired and next week I'm going to see the new one. Don't know if I stop wellbutrin and go back on fluanxol so I tell him exactly what I'm feeling and don't mention wellbutrin at all or carry on on wellbutrin for the fourth week and just be honest and say I got in the net. Any suggestions.