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Can wellbutrin help prevent migraines or has anyone ever experienced this?

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balbanese 21 May 2012

This did work for us, but just for a very short time. As I'm sure you know this is a touchy thing and not all cures / preventions work all the time. We even tried Excedrin Migraine formula for a while, it too worked for a short while. Hope this helps.

Inactive 22 May 2012

Hello suz871. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that has been prescribed as an antidepressant and also off label for reasons other than depression. Such as being prescribed to stop smoking. and SAD (seasonal effectve dosorder) as well as for ADHD. Nothing to suggest being prescribed as helping to prevent migraines/headaches. Regards, pledge

patrickthomas 28 Sep 2016

hi i have suffer with very bad migraines since i was a 36 now.i havent had one in 2 years.i would get clusters and they would come and go over a couple weeks.i thought it was the weather.but i get them in i thought were triggers couldnt figure it out.when they came on i would get confused then intense pain on was hard to look at light little sounds.cause intense pain.had to be in dark cool room.i have taken maxalt and others they stop working quick.the only thing that has worked for me is wellbutrin.i have never gone more then 3 months without a migraine.since i take Wellbutrin they are gone.

smileyhappy 28 Sep 2016

Its causing headaches daily for my wife.
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