I just started taking WB XL 150mg, supposed to go to 300 mg at 1 week. My concern is, I am quite sensitive to medications. Since starting taking WB I have feel like I have the worst sinus cold. My sight is blurry and I have a pressure feeling behind my eyes and in the front of my head. I have had both a flu and a cold this season, the most recent cold started about 2 weeks ago, but I thought I was getting over that, but now since starting WB, it feels like my cold is back and really bad. I am not experiencing insomnia, in fact just the opposite, I'm actually really tired and have been sleeping deeply at night. I am experiencing a lot of tingling in my hands, feet and lips. I have not noticed any effect on my depression yet. Just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing these same side effects. Seems to me I always get the opposite of the listed side effects of meds.