I've been on Lamictal for almost two years, and Wellbutrin for one, now. (Miracle combo for me. Changed my life.) Never had any noticeable side effects with Lamictal, but I was still pretty depressed (although it helped with hypomania) when I started, so I may not have noticed any physiological differences. When I started Wellbutrin, I had some HORRIBLE irritability, but it was really only that bad as a startup side effect. It still definitely effects me, but nowhere near as much, and is definitely the lesser of two evils considering how much it changed my life.

I never really thought about a correlation between the fact that I'm always thirsty/using the bathroom way too often and medication side effects. The reason I just thought about it is because today, I was working at a coffee shop instead of at home, and had water bottles in my car to go out and get to drink, so I was easier able to count how much water I had. It's not even noon yet, and I'm on my sixth bottle . (16.9 oz each, I am a female and weigh 115 lbs.)

If anyone has experienced as a side effect either way, is it more likely actual dehydration, or just dry mouth that feels like it? I do *think* I feel sort of brain foggy and loopy when I don't drink enough, but maybe it's because I've just gotten my body used to drinking that much all the time? Any tips to help?