I'm taking 150 mg bupropion hcl, or as the the bottle says, 'Generic for Wellbutrin Xl', for depression and anxiety. I feel that my depression is completely gone! I don't want to stop it... but the side effects are awful!
1st wk- Depression symptoms drastically improved. on & off nausea.
2nd wk- terrible nausea & on and off headaches (dry mouth, not a big issue)
Beginning of 3rd wk- Excessive sweating, Trouble breathing & feeling as though I am going to faint, nausea, headaches

Could this be because it is generic? or are these just temporary or permanent side effects that will stay as long as I take the medicine?

Secondly, is it safe to switch from the generic version to the brand version right away?
Any advice, experience, or comments are appreciated!