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Wellbutrin?? how long till you feel the effects?

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LaurieShay 14 Jul 2011

Hey 420butters420,

It will take upwards of a month of being on Wellbutrin to feel its full effects. You may feel some better before then. Be patient, it is a good medication.

Best wishes,


420butters420 15 Jul 2011

thanks HUn i wish i could feel the effects now!!! anyways good luck thanks for your help... Butters

LaurieShay 15 Jul 2011

You are welcome and hang in there!!

Inactive 14 Jul 2011

I take this medication, as Laurie says it is very good, at least it has been for me and it took the med to fully work in 3 to 4 weeks.- I did not experience any potential side effects, which is good.

I hope it works on you as well as it has done on me.-

Take care,

RESPIGHI 15 Jul 2011

Are you taking the name brand wellbutrin or the generic bupropion. I don't believe the side effects of bupropion will go away. They haven't for me. I read that wellbutrin works much better than bupropion
for the purpose it was indented. Good luck

hope31 18 Jul 2011

It took about 2 days for me to feel the effects of Wellbutrin. I take bupropian SR, 100mg, twice a day. My main side effect was constipation. I felt the full effects by week 4. It helped me get out of bed, resume going 2 work daily & I feel a lot better emotionally. I have been taking it about 4 months now & I have more enthusiasm. I hope you feel better, keep me posted on how you feel or if you have questions. Just try to be patient, notice your feelings throughout the day & think positive as much as possible. Are you in therapy? Good luck 2 u & don't isolate too much either. Please keep me posted.

Hannah1961 18 Jul 2011

Every reaction is different so be patient and communicate with your Dr. It took almost 6 mons for me to finally feel better. I leveled out at 400mg SR. You may need to try different meds or combinations to find whats right for you. You didn't mention anything specific but it helps to mention some of your issues. We've all been there! Good luck. Don't give up. free discount card

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