I just started Wellbutrin a few weeks ago for anxiety, though it seems to be more helping with my depression than my anxiety, and it says not to drink while taking it. I've abided, it's easy to do when you're not legal to drink. However my 21st birthday is next month, and that's the big birthday. My friends want to take me out drinking, my family too. I don't really plan to drink while on Wellbutrin but can I skip it for a day and be okay to drink? Or should I ween myself off it a week before my birthday. I can't get into the doctors to ask him, they're always booked up for months, and I don't go back until October. So I'm taking to the internet to find out. I don't want to miss out on the fun of my 21st birthday but I also don't want a seizure, or to have some of the crazy side effects I've read people have had while drinking on Wellbutrin.

I'm on the generic form Bupropion HCL XL 150mg a day. And I've had no negative side effects from taking it.